Major Events Approval Request




        The following major campus events guidelines have been established to provide the approval of large campus events based on:

  1. the ability to support them
  2. appropriateness of the event


These guidelines promote program safety and success. Failure to meet adhere to guidelines  and deadlines can result in CANCELLATION of the event



  1. Events held on University property and/or in University facilities where a concern for the protection of participants and/or property exists for large scale events on campus that anticipate a crowd in excess of 400.  Exceptions to this include events held in the Center for the Arts and athletic events in Alumni Arena, UB Stadium and other athletic facilities solely arranged by those venue’s staff.   Events collaborated by student organizations and those venues require approval by this process.
  2. Any supporting events related to already approved events or exceptions such as parties, fundraisers… held in conjunction with athletic events that occur outside of the designed venue.
  3. Any event held in a facility that was not designed for that type of event.  (ie. concert in Alumni Arena)
  4. Given their scope and nature, demonstrate possible risk to the health, safety, or welfare of its participants.
  5. Examples of events include but are not limited to
    -concerts, speakers, carnivals… requiring assistance from facilities staff
    -events requesting use of parking lots or closure of roads

  6. Any event where alcohol is served.


Major Events must:

  1. primarily serve the University at Buffalo community (students, faculty, staff, and alumni)
  2. create an enjoyable environment  which is safe and accessible for all participants
  3. not exceed facility limitations
  4. adhere to all applicable state and local laws, building codes, the University at Buffalo policies

5. comply with all applicable standards regarding health and safety issues. i.e. maximum occupancy limitations, food permits, bonfire and fireworks permits, large gathering